A Mellow Black Tea

Black twiggy twisted tea leaves turn into a light shimmering copper golden liquor with every steep. Floral notes mixed with rice paddy hay provides a distinct base. A finale of bergamot orange and chocolate gives way to bee’s honey, making up a colorful bouquet of delicate & sublimely refined flavours. Bright coppery infused leaves emanate floral perfumes, enmeshed with sugary, citrusy notes.

This tea, made from two leaves & a bud is rooted in the traditions of Pure Ceylon Tea, dating back to the early 19th century. It is slow withered by the natural winds of the rainforest, hand rolled by the healing palms of our artisans, fermented, dried & packed within a day of plucking, to maintain freshness & potency.

Shake out your morning blues with Kaley’s mellow Black Tea.