B l a c k T e a

Black twiggy twisted tea leaves turn into a light shimmering copper golden liquor with every steep.   
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W h i t e T e a

Greenish black needles with shades of white hues turn into an almost transparent golden liquor at infusion.

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G r e e n T e a

Black twisty tea leaves, unusual for a green tea, turn into a luscious leafy green with at infusion, revealing a light golden liquor.

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About Company

Quality ceylon tea production

Forest Fresh

Forest garden teas

Hand rolled

Lovingly hand-picked, hand rolled, carefully fermented, dried and packed

Pure taste

Stands above the rest in all its glory!

Highest quality

High-quality teas will be fragrant and aromatic

Ceylon Handmade

At Kaley Tea we pursue the highest quality ingredients in our tea blends with purpose using techniques and modern breakthroughs to give you a truly satisfying tea experience.
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Kaley Teas are lovingly hand-picked, hand rolled, carefully fermented,                           dried and packed within 24 hours to preserve their freshness and                            potency, for discerning, highly quality conscious customers.

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