Forest Fresh, Hand Picked, Hand Rolled

About Kaley Tea

Kaley Teas come from a single garden in a rural village in the southern lowlands of Ceylon. Bright warm sunshine & tropical monsoons typical of the lowlands, cool mist that roll across sloping hills akin to the highlands, gusty winds a feature of the eastern slopes of the central mountains, protected virgin soil & crystal-clear water from streams & springs nourish our terroir. Multitudes of forests surround our garden & meander their way to Ceylon’s largest rainforest: the Sinharaja. 

Kaley, forest in one of Ceylon’s native tongues, encapsulates these milieus. 

Kaley Teas are grown naturally & made with the finest leaves that are cared for with devotion; selected to perfection & hand-picked, naturally withered from the winds that waft across from the rainforest & handmade as folklore has it with the healing palms of true artisans whose heart beats echo in every drop of Kaley Tea.

Sip your Kaley Tea slowly, without hurrying into some unknown future; reverently, as if the whole world revolves around that single cup, capturing an old-fashioned stillness of time. Stay in this moment, & let the aroma & harmonious bouquet of fresh & mild flavours; floral, earthy, chocolaty, tangy and honey-bee sweet, charm your senses. 

Feel the Forest . Hear our Hearts Beat .





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